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Save our forest !

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

We are a ridiculous country. And we ARE a ridiculous bunch of community. The more I look around, this belief of mine only gets stronger. We do things so conveniently which is sheer surprising. We conveniently believe when it’s a forest and we conveniently forget when WE think its not.

Who gives us the right to cut those trees so mercilessly? There are many people who care about the nature. But there are many more, who really do not!!

Sitting in our homes, watching television on a Saturday morning, we conveniently ignore all those social media posts that are highlighting this very issue.

There are people who are fighting for their lives. Forest is their Habitat. What about the animals and the birds in this forest? Who will be their voice to save their homes? Do we really care? Should ‘we’ really care ?

One of my all time favourite, Academy award winning movie Avatar has a very strong social message which I feel is relevant to the current situation.

There is a ‘Tree of souls’ having magical healing powers. The natives of the planet ‘Na’vi people’, strongly feel for it and believe in it. Their souls are connected to the tree. They can still feel their ancestors communicating and guiding them through this tree. When these people sense a fear and are threatened by humans who reach this planet only to destroy it for their selfish greedy desires, Na’vis fight their lives to save it.

The movie had a happy ending. Of course! Because, the natives won in the end. They won against the cruel, selfish, materistic humans.

But that’s only the ideal world, not the world that we live in ! In the world ‘we’ dwelve , we kill our planet with plastic, pollution, garbage and with lack of empathy. Simple sensibility.

Since I have started nurturing the houseplants ,I have become all the more sensitive about these issues. I talk to my plants and feel happy seeing them grow. I sense their happiness. Even my 3 years old niece knows that at night, plants go to sleep. It is their time to rest. We must not disturb them. Then what on earth were these Government officials doing while cutting down those trees at midnight !! When did we become so insensitive? I look at all these videos where the tribals are requesting, pleading and even crying their hearts out in front of the cops to stop this tree massacre who unfortunately turn a blind eye to it ( of course it's not in their hands either)

The government which is so blatantly ignorant about other stark issues that the citizen are facing, becomes surprisingly active and prompt when it comes to cutting down the forest ? Why, because it is going to mint money through real estate ! It is shameful. The government must very well feel shameful for what they are doing to the city and its leftover green cover. There was a time when most people didn’t care but to see such a huge crowd getting on the roads to protest and the ‘Sarkar’ taking away that basic right from them, is truly disturbing.

I don’t care who is running the Government and this is not an anti Government post. This is simply the rage of a citizen who cares for the city she lives in. I will find ways to support those who care for the city. I hope in this battle, WE win.

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