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Make way for Boombay!

Last month we were invited by this new brand introduced into the market called – Boombay! Founded by Niharika Goenka, this is a brand that creates sauces, dips, and dressings that are healthy, preservative-free, and mindfully made!

The event was beautifully curated by VCK brand communications.

The theme was a cozy house party where they laid out all the products for #tasting.

They had even set up a cocktail bar where they made interesting cocktails using Boombay products.

My pick was Kokum Chili Gin & Tonic!

A fun theme made sure there was ample space for everyone to interact with the people behind the products.

A room that had a map of India with locations from where each ingredient was sourced from. The chef was very intently explaining to us all about the products with passion.

Boombay has 30 products that cover a wide range originating from

various parts of our country.

Here is a link to all their products

They also have small sampling packages.

The products are #vegetarian. Some are #vegan.

Each one of these has instructions showing more than one way to use the products and even recipes to use these.

You can buy Boombay products on their official website as well as on aggregator websites.

If you happen to try any of these products, don't forget to give a shoutout to #TheTalkingbee too :)


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