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Just GLOCALing Around

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Glocal Junction

Location : Lokhandwala , Andheri , Mumbai

Ever since it opened in March 2016 

Oh My God ! The place  the energy , the crowd  & the music. Its Killer.

Had been here when it had just opened and after that I have stopped counting the number of times I have actually been there.


During my first visit, we reached at around 10ish and man , this place was full. The DJ was spinning some really great music and we couldn’t help but dance to it. Its located in the next lane of Bora Bora.  Spread across ground level & on the first floor. Its really spacious . The Look and feel is like that of a Social. An industrial look from the inside and the glasshouse kinda look from the outside. Being a Saturday it had a very hip crowd. Ground level was jam packed hence we decided we could use the first level for our dance moves.

We generally end up here around 1030 – 11ish. Stags not allowed. Outside has the smoking area. Inside section gets quite conjested especially on the live screenings as people crowd up near the screen near entrance.  Hence prefer the upper floor. It gives a lil bit of place to breath and space to dance too.

They have a whole range of cocktails. Some are absolutely crazy. What I have had –

Toxic Box : A vodka  with some far eastern flavours. Presented in a box that looked fancy. The drink lacked flavor though ( I was told it had lemon & ginger dash )

Infused Jar – A berry flavoured vodka drink . This was nice

Thailee – A musk melon + vodka given in a chick  Plastic Bag . Drink was nice & suited the hot summer.


Chuskee – A glocal flavoured Kamikazee Shots – Pretty good

Classic LIIT – It was good but nothing great bout it either.

Sangria – This could be better. Dint find it fresh enough.

Coalation – This was Margarita teamed with beer. This was bad. Just bad ! I couldn’t finish even half of it. Please avoid it.

Kiwi Margarita – Yumm , Very fresh and light.

Beers Crafts beers though on the menu are never available.


For Food – We have tasted below

We have tried their –

French fries – much better than a lot of places that we’ve eaten at

Double Cheese Margarita Pizza Thin Crust  – Simple & basic elements. Decent portion .


Waffle with Ice cream – It really was too good and just what we needed.

They have a good menu with decent variants from Italian to Chinese to fusion and Desi. However we are keen to try more options

Its open till wee hours on weekend. DJ rocks bigtime. He spins some really popular number & does hit some Bollywood & Punjabi tracks.

Service tries their best but it gets really very packed hence there is a slight delay in getting your order or you may have to haggle a little.

Overall pretty good A must must try for the happy faces !



Taste – 4 /5 (This is absolutely beyond that )

Ambiance  – 5 / 5

Service – 3 /5

Value for money – 4 /5 

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