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Food Bloggers Awards 2021, India.

Updated: May 10, 2021

Food Bloggers Association of India - The FBAI has been bringing together food enthusiasts, instagrammers, youtubers, home chefs and bloggers every year for IFBA Awards. These awards are prestigious and mean a lot in the F&B Circle.

Unfortunately due to the Pandemic, this year the awards were virtual. But that did not affect the excitement of us Food Bloggers.

There were over 170+ nominations across various categories and the winners were judged by the empaneled jury of world famous celebrity chefs and culinary legends such as Chef Vineet Bhatia, Chef Ranveer Brar , Chef Varun Inamdar , Chef Atul Kochhar Chef Saransh Goila , Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi , Chef Nitin Tandon, Kunal Vijaykar, Chef Ajay Chopra , Chef Amrita Raichand and many more.

Another important aspect was public voting which was open for 48 hrs.

Here is a detailed post by The FBAI covering all the award categories and the winners.

I had the honour of winning the award for 2nd place in Culinary Travel Category. I was supremely delighted that the winner of the first place was The Tiny Taster , whom I love and totally idolize!

These awards are important because they celebrate us! Blogging is not easy. There is way too much time and labour that go into putting together a blog. Its not just about a reviews or an invites. Its hours of hard-work to pen down the thoughts, clicking the right pictures, editing those, coming up with the right captions, always being on the lookout for new content and of course there is a rat race! And all of this along with a fulltime job ! Yet we happily do it because there is one thing that keeps us all together i.e. our never ending love for food and writing.

I am truly thankful to The FBAI for celebrating us :)

Congratulations to each and every person!

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