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Chef Sisters

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Chef Sisters

Location : Shastri Nagar ,  SV Road , Borivali (West )

23rd July 2016

Borivali , the last of the Suburban areas of Mumbai doesn’t have too many options for those who are fond of unique eats. It has loads of food places but mainly for Indian Palate (I’m a borivali resident hence stating this pretty bluntly) Amidst this when two sisters make efforts to bring out some really tasty food, Chef Sisters is the outcome.  Hasti & Hiloni Goradia are two lovely foodie sisters who wanted Borivalikar’s to have some great food and they came with this QSI concept a year back. Hasti is a ‘Le cordon Bleu , London’ Graduate ( She is also an Electrical Engineer. Surprising eh ! ) She specializes in Cakes and other bakery products. She has an affection for Vegan Food.


Indoor AC Section

In a prime location of Borivali West, right next to Vijay Sales outlet you find this little eatery. They serve Pure Veg. food (Suits the locality) On a Saturday afternoon for a late late lunch I ended up here. Upon arriving I saw these boards with food items written on them. Make your own Wok caught my instant attention as I am big Wok Fan. They have Ac and Non AC section. I settled for the AC one. Met Hasti and she told me about how the two started this venture and what works for the locality , the likes and the dislikes. Mr. Peter was waiting my table. A very sweet man who was very prompt in the service.


I Started my food journey with their Nachos with Beans and Cheese  , loaded with Cheese – both melted and shredded. They had a good Indianized taste to it. One thing I must say about Chef Sisters They serve Indian versions of the dishes so a lil Masala here , a lil tweak there. You will find it throughout their menu. Especially on a monsoon afternoon these hearty Nachos were really great. Only one thing it looked too yellow for my liking. Next came the Masala Cheese  Garlic Bread – Had one bite and fell in love with it. In spite of it being a vegetarian dish it came it kinda Anda- Pav feeling. Bread was fresh and nicely baked. Cheese was soft too.


To give my palate a little relief I was sipping on their Blueberry Mojito Really fresh and just the right thing to go with heavy food. They also have some interesting beverages like Peach Daiquiri , Guawa Chilly Crusher , Tender Coconut Milkshake & Brownie Smoothie.


Then I moved to Pizza section – Pav Bhaji Pizza caught my attention. It seemed unique and I thought I must give it a try. It came nice piping hot. Instead of passata they spread Pav Bhaji on the Pizza base and it is topped with yumm veggies and loads of cheese. If you are game to try a new Pizza , this is for you.


Since I am a wok lover , Hasti recommended I must try their ‘Make your own Wok’. I obliged. They came to me with a special Wok Request Sheet where I got to choose the base , Sauces , Toppings and proteins. I tried the one with brown rice and tofu. They are generous in terms of the veggies. It comes to you in a beautiful wooden bowl that gives it a very earthy smell and adds onto the flavor.


Chef Sisters also serve Tibetan Thukpa (Something I haven’t seen in the vicinity), Wantons and Hot Chinese Bhel – Unlike usual chinese bhel which is cold , this is their take on hot Chinese bhel. They do not add any colour in food and no Ajinomoto in Chinese which was a pleasant news for me.

Chef sisters also serve something as unique as Katsu Noodles ( A Japanese Variant ) , Kung Pao varieties etc. Pav Bhaji Fondue and Mexican rice was also recommended but I was too full for anything else but desserts.

Crazy Cooknie –  As funky as it sounds this dessert was to die for. This is a mix of Brownie and Cookie. Two layered cookie with butter biscuit  & chocolate base. Trust me you just can not NOT have it. It’s a burst of flavours and you keep wanting more. Rabdi Cake with Dryfruits was my second dessert. Tried Rabdi with a cake for the first time and the combination is heavenly. Cake was a soft butterscotch melt in your mouth one. And rabdi did magic to it.


Why you should visit Chef Sisters

  1. For a small outlet they offer a really huge variety of food which is commendable.

  2. Chinese has no artificial flavours and no harmful ingredients

  3. Cost effective

  4. You get all varieties from Mexican , Chinese , Italian , Burgers , and good Indian Platter for those who can’t let go of the Paneer Makhanwala and Parathas.


Taste – 4 /5

Ambiance – 3.5 / 5

Service – 5 /5

Value for money – 5 /5 

PS – They create some really great customized cakes. Do check em out.

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