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We don’t need no blues

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Bombay Blues  

Location : Infinity Mall , Malad West , Mumbai  

July 2016

Who doesn’t know Bombay Blues? They have been one of the first evers to introduce us to the Nachos and the Onion rings and the pastas etc. So I used to eat the Bombay Blues quite regularly until recent years when we got introduced to some fancy eating and fine dine. This review is based on the recent episode at The Bombay Blues , Malad.

This outlet is situated on the top level of Infinity Mall. Though pretty much out there I never paid a visit. The other day too the plan was to go to California Pizza Kitchen. But after being stranded for almost 2 hours and suffering along with an infant , we gave up our hopes on having some wood fired pizzas and cocktails. Not ignoring the fact we were hungry we had to immediately feed ourselves. We marched to Bombay Blues.

The first person of Bombay Blues , immedietly after seeing us offered to help us with a smile seeing the infant. The restaurant was full yet he managed seating space for us. Manager approached within next two minutes. Made sure we were comfortable. While they got our table ready instantly they took our orders so that least that wont take much time. We were thoroughly impressed with their hospitality.

What we ordered –

Bombay Blues Nachos – They are still the good old creamy cheesy nachos. As we were hungry it disappeared from the front of us within minutes. They had also added nice peppers and the salsa complemented.

IMG_20160626_160245 (1)

Onion Rings – These could have been better. Maybe some dips along with it would help.


Mocktails –

We opted for 1. Summer Holiday a Peach & Appricot mocktail with Mint. Was very soothing.


Garnet Mist – A Blackcurrent slush with black salt. Tangy and Salty combination was really great especially with all the cheese that we were consuming.


Chatka Cola – Blackcurrent , Black salt & Lime. This too was very good.


The best part about these drinks was they were perfectly frozen and portions were good.

For Mains we called for a Cheese and Cream Pasta made in white sauce. This surely was a problem area. It lacked seasoning , veggies and flavour. Was absolutely bland and tasted what you make at home the instant pasta.


Dessert – Sizzling Brownie a favourite and a classic. As expected was upto their standards.

The positives – A huge variety of food, Menu even features food item for babies. Covers everything possible from finger food to full fledged indian meal. Kid friendly.

Negatives- some dishes need improvement. Its not very pocketfriendly. So when you actually pay you realise for that amount of money they should be serving better quality food.

I was absolutely delighted by the humanity & hospitality shown by them and I’m surprised why such low ratings on Zomato. For me its easily a 4 pointer.


Taste – 3.5 /5

Ambiance – 4 / 5

Service – 5 /5

Value for money – 3.5 /5 

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