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Veg. Veg. VEDGE..

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place – Vedge

Location : Fun Republic Premises , Lokhandwala , Andheri

11th July 2016

** WARNING – This was a full fledged #NewMenu tasting so the review is gonna be Loooong**

Us all FBAI’ites were invited by Vedge last week for tasting of the brand new menu by Vedge which they were about to launch. We were quite excited bout finding out what’s this new menu all about.( Given the fact it was Monday, nothing else can cheer you up but food 😛 )


Vedge is located in the Fun Republic Mall on the ground level. It covers about 50 people. Owned by the sibling duo Aditya Swanat & Amaulika.  Aditya is a Swiss Hospitality Grad and has ventured into entrepreneurship by opening this cozy eatery.

Vedge is the only Vegetarian restaurant in the vicinity & they claim to have a good range of Vegetarian dishes that suit the palate of all kinds. Comfortable seating to suit bigger family groups is very thoughtful.They have added quite a few twists to the menu to make it interesting.

It was an elaborate menu tasting & hence its gonna be quite detailed here too.



Lemon & Pepper Soup

Lemon & Pepper Soup – This was very tasty and just the right thing to start the tasting session.

Creamy Tomato , Basil & Parmesan – Rich  in its Tomato flavor

Laksa – This we weren’t sure of trying however one of fellow foodie did give it a try and it turned out quite tasty. Presentation was fab with the accompaniments such as fried onions ,lemon and herbs.


Desi Bloody Mary – This was really average and it tasted very plain tomato juice. There were spices added but I think they didn’t go well together.


Desi Bloody Mary

Burnt Curry Leaves Margarita – had beautiful aroma of curry leaves. If you love that smell of tadka, this is for you.

Pani Puri Martini –  Interesting & good on palate.

Bergamot Berry Iced Tea ( BIIT ) their version of LIIT , too sweet for our liking.

Pineapple Diaquiry – This was a pine apple & lime mocktail but the dash of pepper added a nice zing to it. I liked it a lot

Shakes – We tried their Spicy Vanilla Chai Shake this was strictly average.

STARTERS –Small Plates

Vedge Fully Loadedd Nachos – These were absolutely loaded . Looked good & tasted good too.


Loaded Nachos

IMG_20160711_231455 (1)

Wok Tossed Potato in Honey Chilli Sauce

Wok Tossed Potato in Honey Chilli Sauce – was a star of the evening. It had everything sweet , spice , tanginess and the sesame on top of it gave a good crunch. We did call for its repeats and couldn’t stop talking about it.

Sabzi Galouti Kebab with Coriander & Mint Chutney – This needs improvement. Galouti Kebabs are supposed to melt in your mouth. These did not!


Sabji Galouti Kebab


Pan Fried Fajitas ,Veggies & Cilantro Lime Rice

Chilli Bean Tacos  , Pan Fried Fajitas Veggies & Cilantro Lime Rice – Veggies were nice. Rice was yumm but the taco shells were not as crispy as they should have been. I’m sure they can do better.

Sweet Corn & Cheese Ball bites with Fresh Herbed Mayo – Loved its presentation on a mini bicycle. They were Okay. Too much corn powder is what we remarked.

IMG_20160711_204057 (1)

Jalepeo Popper & Cream Cheese Pizza – Vedge has got to do something about this. This pizza was really bad. It lacked taste , flavor & elements. It needs replacement

Corn Fritters – Tasty. Especially the sauce complemented it really well.


Corn Fritters 

SLIDER – People had different opinions about it but I absolutely loved it. It had such a tanginess of the achar that it added another dimension to it. Give it a try if you are game for something new.


Enter a caption


Thai Massaman Curry and Brown flavoured Rice – we had serious issue with it. Somehow the mains seemed to have too much sugar in it. The flavor was there but the sweetness killed it.


Thai Massaman Curry with Brown flavoured rice 

Stir fried  veggies in hot chilli & basil sauce & burnt garlic rice  – Another winner of the evening. Basil and garlic combo was nice.We somehow realized they are pretty good with Chinese & Cantonese . 


Stir fried veggies in hot chilli & basil sauce with burnt garlic rice 


Gourmet Risotto Beet & Cheddar

Gourmet Risotto – We tried both the variants. 1. Gourmet Risotto Beet & Cheddar & 2. Lemon corn & paprika


Lemon corn & paparika Risotto 

Again. It really needs improvement. Rice wasn’t Al-Dante . It was more milky that cheesy. Just not the Risotto you would want to have.


Desi Cheese Korma with Malabar Paratha

Desi Cheese Korma with Layered flaky Malabari Paratha – Paratha looked great but was too sweet with already sweet Korma. They have to improvise on the sweetness of this dish for sure.


Magic Chocolate pot , Brownie & Ice Cream – Portion Huge! It is indeed magic. We were privileged that the chefs personally came to our table & assembled the dish for us. It had many elements like chocolate soil and cocoa, ice cream , and some fresh herbs. It looked veryyy beautiful and tasted even better. The different textures created a dramatic effect on our palate. We had fellow diners joining us to see chef’s art.


Magic Chocolate Pot with Brownie & Ice Cream

Red Velvet Cake , Cream cheese frosting – Not bad , not great either.

Molten Chocolate Lava – Chocolate was way too heavy. This needs some element to make it a lil less sweet and lighter.


Molten Chocolate Lava

The owners explained to us how the Jain & Gujrati is one of the major clientele ( almost 75% ). Its indeed very family friendly. Staff is great. Some dishes need improvement but overall a good take on Vegetarian food. For Pure vegetarians it’s a boon for the variety & price point of view too. Give it a try people.


Taste – 3.5 /5

Ambiance – 4 / 5

Service – 4 /5

Value for money – 4 /5

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