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US Apple Treat @THEORY

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place – Theory

Location – Kamala Mills , Lower Parel, Mumbai

23rd June 2017

Theory has created quite a vibe since its opening. Chic, classy & sassy these three words describe Theory perfectly !

What other place would have been better than Theory for US APPLES to host a special dinner. Last Friday, US Exports in association with FBAI organized a 4 course sit down dinner specially curated for us bloggers , home chefs and food enthusiasts.

The whole idea was to create awareness for US Exports high quality apples and what are the possibilities to include these in your cooking. The evening started with a casual round of introduction among all the people who had arrived. After about half an hour we all settled and Chef Clyde demonstrated the goodness of the US apples and quickly showed us the preparation of a 3- Way Apple Salad which was a part of the menu.

Our menu looked like this.


From Soup to Salad & Appetizer to Mains & desserts everything was prepared HEROing the APPLES.

We started with CURRIED CARROT & APPLE SOUP – This gave us pumpkin soup kinda feel. Yet it was very unique. Creamy and flavourful. The breadstick provided along with it was a charcoal cinnamon one which added an extra crunch.


Salad was as mentioned the one prepared by Chef Clyde himself. POACHED APPLES WITH GOAT CHEESE. The greens they used was endives instead of lettuce. They were much crunchier. Apples were poached in red wine and further the dressing was of Red Wine Reduction. Goat cheese and Hazelnut added the right amount of saltiness. Overall it was a great salad.

A post shared by The Talking Bee by Sneha Dalvi (@thetalkingbee) on Jun 25, 2017 at 10:48pm PDT

In between our food we were sipping on their in-house apple sangrias which were very tasty.


For Mains we had APPLE GNOCCHI. Yes, Apple Gnocchi , that itself is unique. It was pan seared in Sage Butter and served with Butternut Squash.  There was a little hint of cinnamon due to the glaze they had given to the gnocchi. Tiny pieces of burrata added the creaminess.


Last but not the least , Desserts. There were two on the menu.

APPLE BAKLAVA– A Baklava, Mediterranean dessert which is high on sugar and calories was made a low sugar variant here and instead of dry fruits was made with apples. However, we found the flaky filo pastry cover to be little underdone.


APPLE CHEESECAKE- We fell in love with this one. It had a brownie kind of a base topped with softest and tastiest apple cheesecake. Glazed and caramelised apples layered above it and topped with raspberries. This dessert had different textures and both sweetness and tanginess. Another awesome element was the burnt butter ice cream served along. This dessert was heaven!


It was not simply food. It was modern food. Created with a lot of brainstorming & techniques to enhance one element, that was apple. It was not only an eye opener but such a delight to be a part of. Thanks, FBAI for this!

Because of food and great conversation by the end of the dinner we all were content. Here’s a proof 😊

A post shared by The Talking Bee by Sneha Dalvi (@thetalkingbee) on Jun 23, 2017 at 9:56pm PDT

Featured Image Courtesy – Economic Times

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