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They say – “Health is Wealth”

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Pishu’s

Location : Andheri West , Mumbai  

1st  August 2016

With the current trend of getting fit/ losing weight and health foods I would say it’s the right time for outlets like Pishu’s (Which are rare) There are really very few options that serve you complete health food. Most eateries offer a dish or two here or there with the low calories. But Pishu’s entire concept and menu is around the health food.

This particular outlet is in narrow lanes of Andheri. (You can easily miss it) Seating capacity for approx. 15 -20 people , Pishu’s is more popular with Take Aways is what I noticed. We settled in and looked through the menu. Shakes and smoothies is all over the menu yet it is interesting.


Beverages –

Magical Mulberry – This was Mulberry and a Custard Apple smoothie. This combination is absolutely brilliant. It’s a visual treat as well.


Berry Cooler – A mix of Cherries and Raspberries was so fresh and tasteful.


Blueberry Smoothie – They boast of a lot of different variants of Blueberry drinks and this was surely justifying it with the yumm yoghurt and blueberries.


Walnut Brownie Shake – I’m not sure healthy but it was good

Dutch Chocolate – Rich. Creamy. Delicious.


Food –

Protein Salad – Salad is the most conventional & essential part of the healthy eating. Pishu’s dishes out really nice protein Salad comprising of Soyas , Veggies like olives and Kale and Cabbage and sprouts. Yumm.


Healthy Pasta – This needs serious improvement. The only dish of the night which we did not like at all. The good thing – Pasta is made of wheat and not Maida. Bad – There weren’t many veggies and the sauce was too runny. We tried both the variants – Alfredo and Pesto. Both were bad.


Hummus Platter – This is a nutritious Hummus Platter, so don’t expect the regular Peta bread. Pishu’s makes their version of toasted multigrain crisps which are used as different elements in different dishes. Here Peta is made of the same crisps. Hummus is very smooth and tasty. Platte comes with tossed and herbed veggies.


Firangi Healthizza was a hit as soon as it appeared in front of us. The base again is not a regular bread but the multigrain baked bread which adds a different dimension to the pizza. Topped with veggies and miniscule cheese this is what you need when you want a pizza yet don’t want to cheat big time!

Cuppa Brownie – This ended our meal perfectly. Fresh cut veggies like Kiwis , Mangoes , Bananas , Papaya etc with a  scoop of sugar free ice cream presented with a brownie. Yummmm !


Why should you go to Pishu’s –

  1. No other place offers such healthy food

  2. Pocket friendly

  3. Great variety to keep your regime interesting.

  4. Good solution for your all day meals starting from breakfast ending with dinner.( they are open till midnight )


Taste – 4 /5

Ambiance – 3 / 5

Service – 3.5 /5

Value for money – 4 /5 

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