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Review : SOS Kitchen

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Place: SOS Kitchen

Location: Mahavir Nagar, Kandivali

Why : Super delicious food which is economical available even at wee hours ( till 4AM)

What To Eat: Anything from the appetizers section, Dhaniya Mirch Paneer Gravy, Paneer Makhani with Buttered Rice, Oriental Hot Pot Rice

We collaborated with SOS Kitchen a week back. The main set up is delivery Kitchen however, they take pride in giving the customers a unique Car dining experience. This works well considering the current pandemic situation. Another USP is they are functional between 7PM to 4AM all 7 days a week. For someone like me who has late night hunger pangs, need not worry any more. Because, SOS Kitchen has a diverse menu that includes soups, bar nibbles to appetizers and main course - both Indian and Chinese and apart from this they also have rolls.

Started by Mr. Deepak, Manish Joshi and Dikshit Jain, SOS Kitchen is just a year old ! The owners have been into Catering business for a very long time and with that experience they have ventured into the delivery kitchen set up.

Although they say it’s a limited menu, according to me it has everything that one may want.

Here is the menu.

The food is suitable for every palate and it was way too good ! It was super super delicious.

The general areas of delivery are Kandivali, Borivali and Malad however for certain requests they have delivered upto Andheri. I’d recommend you guys to buzz them for the delivery bit.


From the menu, here is what we ate –

Papad Churi- Though this turned a little soggy by the time we had it, it still retained the taste. This is one of my favourite chakhna with alcohol and we did have this with some wine.

Crackling Spinach and Cottage cheese with sesame -This was nothing less than any leading Asian restaurants such as Mainland China etc. For all the dishes Paneer was super super soft. Seasoning was just about perfect and lovely taste.

Cottage Cheese Burnt Garlic – Yet another delicious appetizer. Totally recommend this.

Dhaniya Mirch Paneer Gravy – This, you might not find at any restaurant usually. This is not your run of the mill gravy. This dish was so unique in its flavour profile. If there’s one dish you can try from their menu – please let it be this.

Paneer Makhani with Buttered Rice- This melt in the mouth buttered rice was a delight and so was the buttery gravy.

Oriental Hot Pot Rice: Okay, this requires special mention. As we could not finish above meal even among the three of us, we kept this aside for the next day. In most cases, Chinese when kept in refrigerator looses it’s flavour but this did not. When we got it out from the fridge and transferred into the pan, we could not believe the quantity of the rice. The rice in the delivery container filled up the deep Kadhai which is used for cooking regularly. We mixed it with the gravy which was placed on top ( a very clever idea for packaging). This hot pot rice was really tasty with loads of vegetables. We absolutely loved it.

** Unfortunately, I do not have a separate picture of this dish**

Apart from this, the owners recommend , Water chestnut balls with sweet chili sauce, Mushroom tikkas, Stuffed mushrooms, Authentic Veg Kolhapuri and Stuffed Kulchas etc.

SOS Kitchen claims to be using all natural ingredients and No artificial colors or MSG. All the sauces for oriental cooking used are vegetable sauces too.

SOS Kitchen is ideal for house parties and I can not wait to order from them the next time we have a house party or rather Daru-Party !


Here is the menu.( Make note is totally pocket friendly)

Instagram page

They are also active on Zomato and Swiggy.

Here is a link for online delivery


70/698, Surya Darshan C.H.S Ltd, Mahaveer Nagar, Kandivali West, Mumbai


Verdict :

SOS has become our go to option for the late night hunger pangs which is quite regular at our home! We have already ordered from them more than thrice since this review and we have always been happy with the food.

Taste – 5/5

Ambiance – NA (This is cloud kitchen. Hence delivery only)

Service – 5/5

Value for money – 5/5(apart from collaboration, yes its total value for money)


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