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New shelter at the bay – Typhoon Shelter

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Place : Typhoon Shelter

Location – Skyzone , Phoenix Mill Compund , Lower Parel Mumbai

19th June 2018

Typhoon Shelter, in literal translation means a place for shelter in stormy weather. This new entrant in Mumbai takes its inspiration from the famous Hong Kong restaurant Typhoon Shelter. It has already created enough buzz with the big names associated with it such as Christian Yang and Solanki Roy.

Ambiance of Typhoon Shelter is lovely with private booths as well as high tables. Décor is suitable for the name with dreamy roof lights and colour scheme.

Cuisine Style is Oriental. Menu being curated by celebrity chef Christian Yang , this place is on point when it comes to food. Its more in favour of non vegetarians especially sea food eaters however vegetarians need not worry.


  1. Aunthetic Oriental Cuisine

  2. Menu curated by celebrity chefs

  3. Perfect place to celebrate a special occasion

What To Eat – Wild Mushroom & Edamame Dumplings , Squid Ink Dumplings , Taro Nest ,Dan Dan Noodles.

What To Drink –  The elder one

Ambiance : Old school Chinese restaurant gone fancy !


Chilled Soba Noodles ( INR 395 ) . For those who don’t know Soba noodles, these are made of Buckwheat. ( hence a healthier option )  These are of Japanese origin and are eaten either hot or cold. This salad was a cold preparation,  served with a variety of Mushrooms . The dressing had Wasabi and Peach. To my surprise I didn’t  hate wasabi this time as its pungency was balanced by sweetness of peach.



Wild Mushroom & Edamame Dumpling ( INR 445 )

I expected 2 or 3 variants of Mushrooms in this dumpling however , as told by our server these had about 8 different kind of mushrooms. Creamy texture of Edamame and the flavour of Truffle Oil. Yumm !


Broccoli and Olive Purse Dimsums ( INR 395 )

Another really amazing variety of dimsum with  a good balance of flavours managing the subtlety of the cuisine. They had used  Kalamata Olives. Olive Dust on top of the dumpling! This is one exotic dish for sure.


Squid Ink Dumpling ( INR 725 ) This had Flying fish roe , Scallop ,Prawn in a Squid Ink Dumpling Skin. As mentioned to me by my sister was Juicy, Fresh and unique for its taste.


I would like to mention the sauces that were given with Dimsums, these were not the regular soya , chilli or the sorts whereas  these were specially prepared sauces. Soya sauce was emulsified with Mushroom giving it earthiness. Bellpepper sauce was with finely chopped coriander. Sweet chillie sauce had a hit of bird eye chilli. I wish I could take these sauces home 😊


We  tried Jasmine and Basil Iced Tea also , the Elder one. Both were again very subtle, refreshing and complemented our food.



Taro Nest ( INR 445 )

Among the other small plates I chose to go for this one as I had never seen or tried anything like this before. A beautiful dish was brought in front of us that looked like it was made of a delicate meshwork. Made up of Chestnut ,Taro root wrapped in a mesh of butter dough and chilli. Again this too was topped with char grilled olive dust , giving it some smokiness. This was another unique dish for me.

IMG_20180619_204530 (1)

Sing A Ling King Fish ( INR 595 )

A classic that was a Grilled Kingfish in Singapore Chilli Sauce.



Tofu Panda ( INR 725 )

A Rich gravy made up with Silken tofu , Bamboo Shoot, Baby Carrot and Choi Choi. This was accompanied with Black Fried Rice that is the new healthier alternative to brown rice. This black rice was tossed with lots of fresh veggies .


Dan Dan Noodles (INR 675 ) – Hand made, these noodles were mixed with rich Sichuan Peanut sauce right in front of us on our table. The story goes back to ancient China , where farmers used to carry these noodles in one container and gravy / sauce in another and simply mix it together whenever they wanted to eat after long journeys or long hectic days.

Kung Pao Prawns ( INR 745 )

Cooked to perfection in Cashew nut sauce this dish had Prawns with  Kung Pao Glaze



Another highlight these are curated by another celebrity chef Solanki Roy from ‘Gaggan Bangkok’ We were lured for a few from the menu but we decided to go for Coneapple.

Coneapple  ( INR 545 )

This was a steamed coconut pudding with a pineapple tart. The tanginess of pineapple made sure this dessert was not too sweet. Desiccated coconut added a texture to it too.

Though being on an expensive side, I highly recommend it for its rich experience in terms of cuisine , curated menu , variety  and impeccable service. It can be visited for one of those special occasions with family or even for a special dinner date.


Taste – 4.8 /5

Ambiance – 4.5 /5

Service –  5 /5  

Value for money – NA ( It was an invite ) 

Featured Cover Photo Courtesy – @LBB

P.S. – All the sea food preparations are tasted by my sister.


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