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Restaurant Review : On Toes Pub Goregaon

Location : Goregaon West, Mumbai

No, this is not the #Malad Outlet next to Infinity Mall.

This is a fairly new outlet where XIIth floor( Another Pub) used to be. The décor and the set up is kept as it is. We visited on Valentines day #lunch. There were many families for their buffet lunch/brunch hence it was extremely loud. ( avoid on such days ) Some of the staff members are plain lazy and do not bother to assist in spite of asking seevral times. However, the captain was trying his best to keep all the diners happy. Kudos!

Located on the 12th Floor of a Commercial /Residential Tower, On Toes Goregaon offers a good #view from its tall Glass Windows. Try to get a table by the windows. They have a big screen where they cast Sports / music videos. On that Sunday afternoon they were playing classics which was a good mood setter !

Overall a good ambiance.

Pic Courtesy - Zomato


Here is a list of things we tried –

Paneer Chili (INR 287)– Taste was decent, however there was hardly any #paneer. Quantity should have been more.

Kurkure Bhindi (INR 89) – This was super super stale. It felt as if this was fried a week ago. It was not crunchy at all and was loaded with red chili powder. Very bad.

Garlic Bread ( without cheese) (INR 191) I judge a place by the way they make #GarlicBread. Simple Garlic bread. How difficult is it? People have made this at their homes during lockdown! But On Toes made some really terrible ones. These were hard with barely any butter and were served with some red chili/ Tabasco based sauce. We requested for herbed garlic butter to be served along with it. One of the servers straightaway refused, however, captain tried getting it for us. #Chef also refused initially but we were adamant on getting this simple thing with an additional cost which we were ready to pay. After the poor captain’s multiple rounds in the kitchen and explaining the chef several times, we were finally served the precious Garlic Butter!


Verdict :

Small portions, average taste, average service ( except the #captain) Good Music.

Go there for drinks only !

Taste – 2/5

Ambiance – 4/5

Service – 3/5 ( Those 3 are solely for captain )

Value for money – 2/5

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