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Pesarattu - Moong Dosa

Updated: May 22, 2020

Being married to a Tamil, Dosas and Idlis are very common in our household. But this time we opted for a healthy alternative.

Pesarattu is a Dosa made from whole Moong ( Green Gram ). There is no Urad Dal ( black gram) used.

Here is a quick recipe ---


Whole Green Moong (1.5 cups )

Uncooked rice ( 2 spoons )

Ginger - 1 inch

Coriander - half a cup coarsely chopped

Green Chilies - 2-3

Curry Leaves - 4-5

Rice flour - 1 Tablespoon

Salt - as per your taste


1. Take 1.5 cup whole green Moong. Add 2 spoons uncooked rice. Soak it overnight. ( 10 hours minimum )

**I used sprouted Moong to make it healthier.**

2. In the soaked Moong add ginger + coriander+ curry leaves +chilies + salt.

3. Now grind this into a paste. Similar to Dosa batter. 

Keep it aside for half an hour. 

4. For making Dosa, add rice flour into this batter. 

5. On a hot tava / dosa pan, spread a spoonful of batter in the shape of dosa. Let it cook till it gets nicely brown.

6. I added sliced onion on Dosa right after spreading the batter. Onion adds to the flavour.

IMP- This dosa takes longer time to cook than the usual Dosa.

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