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Kala Pav Bhaji @ Maa Anjani Pav Bhaji

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place – Maa Anjani Pav Bhaji Center   

Location – Borivali West , Mumbai  

27th September

Hai Koi Yahan Jisko Pav Bhaji nahin pasand??? ** adds melodrama**

I doubt that’s even possible. Being a Mumbaikar , that’s one essential food item one learns to love from childhood and there are many places where we all have eaten Pav Bhaji. Then why ‘Maa Anjani Fast Food Centre’ is different? You will know when you step in here.

In Gujju dominant area of Borivali where there are loads of thelas near the station and all across but this place is different. Black Pav Bhaji is what they are known for. When we got the invite we too were very curious to find out what’s it all about.

Initially this place was just a single shop with an outside seating area. However , as the business grew they had to take up neighboring two more shops. Currently they offer a whole range of street food. Yes , Street Food only !

We started with Paani Puri. I’m a sucker for Pani Puri. We all girls are , right?? What if I tell you there are 5 different varieties of Pani Puri flavours? Yes 5,  And they are awesome. My favorite pick was Guava / Peru flavor and Garlic flavor. Their Puris are handmade too. And another USP is their Pudina Puri’s. The Paani is given in shot glasses for those who wish to have them at their table.


Next was Pudla Sandwich. The process of making it made was very interesting as the person making it was adding loads and loads of ghee and veggies and aromas coming out were superb. Pudla is made of Gram flour and what we Maharashtrians call it is ‘Besan Cha Pola’. But the concept of Pudla Sandwich is its loaded with veggies and then dipped in Pudla Batter and then shallow fried. There are only two places where you get this. One is Bhuleshwar Market and the other is Maa Anjani.


Khichiya Papad was the next appetizer. I really like these and I have generally eaten them at Khau Gallis. This one was very crunchy. Tastier as it was home made , roasted on charcoal and loaded with veggies. Our was a cheese one so there was generous cheese as well.  Chutneys given along with it were yumm.


Handi Bhaji was the 1st variant of Pav Bhaji. This handi is effin huge guys. Comes with three pavs a Handi that’s full of Khada bhaji, This bhaji comprises of Paneer , Nuts and loads of butter. This I wouldn’t call strictly a Pav Bhaji but a mix of Vegetable Handi and Pav Bhaji.


They also have a combo that’s served with coke.

Korthmir Pav was next. Kothmir or Kothimbir is Coriander or Parsley in Marathi. This is surely unique and something I haven’t tasted ever. I personally love coriander. The aroma and flavor of it is anyway so good. So when your Butter loaded pav is covered with heavy amount of coriander chutney its just fabulous.


Pav Bhaji – Simple , Yumm !

Black Pav Bhaji  / Kala Pav Bhaji – They have their secret receipe behind this. Home ground spices make up for this Masala that gives it this disctinct colour. We liked it however found it to be more on the salitier side.


Fried rice with Manchurian Gravy – Though street style this was so far the best street style fried rice. Very healthy with a good amount of fresh veggies tossed in wok. Right amount of sauces and the gravy too was a relief for the palate from all the buttery flavours. A must have if you’re here and it really works well with the Pav bhaji combo.


Falooda was our last of things offered however we were so full that we decided to opt for Ice Gola instead. Many flavours and giving you a perfect end to a perfect street meal.


If you stay anywhere close to Borivali , do not miss this. Even if you don’t stay close to Borivali take all the pain to travel all the way here to taste this yummy food. Its totally worth it!


Taste – 5 / 5  

Ambiance – 3/5

Service – 4.5 / 5  

Value for money – 5/5   

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