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Indeed a Poetry !

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Location : Linking Road , Bandra , Mumbai

9th November 2016

Have you ever been to a place and felt the connect the moment you stepped in? Poetry had that effect on me. Beautifying small elements, walls washed in pastel hues and floral décor. Wow !  Casting a magical spell of a European café / Bistro this beautiful outlet by Love and Cheesecake is a gem. Amidst the hustle bustle of linking road, Poetry is a solace.


We, a few bloggers went there recently in a middle of a week to review their menu. Here’s what we had.

Tomato Gazpacho – If you haven’t tried this before, Gazpacho is a cold soup. Drawing its origin from Spain. A perfect summer soup with cooling effects of cucumber added to the Tomato  puree. Also adding to the flavours are charred peppers ,  Feta and croutons. Feta gives it creaminess whereas the croutons would have given it the required crunch. They had replaced croutons with garlic herbed bread im not sure why!


Cream Of Mushroom And Chicken – The roasted flavor coming from Mushroom , Chicken , & Garlic definitely built up my appetite. Each bite into that soup was a pleasure. Truffle and Dill were great additions unlike most places making the mushroom soup very plain jane.


Avocado Kale Salad  – A Salad that had  avocado , kale , grated parmesan , garlic dressing . It had everything but the balance was missing.  Didn’t seem to have worked for most of us as there was a bitter note to it.

Caesar Salad luckily was well prepared. Lettuce was fresh and it had the right amount of Bell peppers , Olives , Cherry tomatoes , cucumbers. Dressing too was just the right amount. Recommended!


Portobello Panino – This my friends , is a must have here ! The use of Portobello Mushrooms ( Loads of them ) Creamy pesto sauce and yumm veggies is brilliant . But the hero of this panini was the Walnut which totally uplifted the greatness of it.  I was going to skip this and I am glad I did not. The fellow bloggers went ga ga over it and I had to order it. Best Panini I have ever had.


BBQ Smothered Chicken – Chicken is my favourite type of meat. Give me BBQ chicken and some beers and I’m sorted. That’s the kind of chicken it was!  Grilled chicken ( Absolutely , amazingly smoky ) laid on the bed of herbed cheesy lettuce on the freshly baked bread and generously covering it was their  Homemade BBQ sauce. The BBQ chicken too is another must have here.


Now coming to their well famed section – Desserts.

The Desserts that hypnotize you at the first step you take inside this beautiful place. They are right there on the display delicately arranged.  It would be a crime to pick one dessert from it. We tasted quite a few. Here they are –

Devils Desire – A cute looking dessert. CUTE ! You got that right. Resembling Magnum , this  Belgian Chcolate Marquise dessert had  Coffee , Caramel , Brownie on a Bar


Bluebery Cheesecake – NO words ! just eat the damn cake !

Nutella Layered Cheesecake – Made up of Mascarpone Cheese , Caramalised hazelnut , Nutella. Nutella lovers shouldn’t skip this.

The Diplomat – too chocolaty for my liking.

Crème Brulee – This Buttercup vanilla custard  that was beautifully glazed with caramel was tasty and disappeared within half a minute of its arrival.


The juices here are cold pressed ones without any additional sugar , keeping it simple and that’s what works for me !

Watermelon and Basil Iced Tea – The basil rocked ! Super fresh ! Dark Knight –  This smoothie was loved by all. What did it not have – Oreo , Walnut , Oats , Yoghurt

What works for Poetry – Its that kinda place where you can catch up with your girls. Grab a coffee or two eat the cheesecake and catch up on gossip. ** Food here is great by the way as mentioned above*


What doesn’t work – Nothing! I cant point out a single negative thing.

Taste – 4.3 /5

Ambiance -4.8 /5 (Beauty ) 

Service –  5 /5 

Value for money – 4/5 

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