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Flavoured Kombuchas by Sach Booch : Product Review

Kombucha! A strange name for a tea right ? Strange would be a harsh word. I’d say a unique name for a tea. Just like its flavours.

We were sent some Kombuchas to sample by this home grown brand – Sach Booch.

Many might know what it is but I am sure there are far many people who might not know what exactly #Kombucha is.


What is Kombucha ?

It’s a fermented tea drink which is made with fermentation process. It has various health benefits.

It’s a potential source of pro-biotics, its rich in Anti-Oxidants. It is also said that it may help reduce heart disease risk. It’s a non alcoholic fizzy drink. It can be consumed everyday. The best time for its consumption is afternoon, as it helps the digestion process.


Now here’s some information about the brand

Sach Booch

Sach Booch is a budding craft Kombucha Brewery in Mumbai. They make flavoured Kombuchas. These flavours are completely #natural and made with whole fruits and herbs. Some of their Kombuchas are – Lemon Mint, Apple Vanilla, Kiwi Pineapple, Ginger Mint

We tried three of the Kombuchas.

My favourite was Lemon Mint, though a little sour it was very refreshing. Apple Vanilla was also quite delicious.

Sach Booch is based in Kandivali however they deliver across Mumbai.

Here is a link to their Instagram and Facebook page.

You can DM them to place an order.

It’s a very new brand and a unique product. I would recommend you guys to go get one of the Kombuchas soon 😊

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nayan rane
nayan rane
16 בספט׳ 2020

Good to know this

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