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First Ever UK famed Pi Pizzeria in India  

Place : Pi Pizzeria

Location – Khar West , Mumbai   

7th March  2017

In the current trend of rustic , grungy loud eateries , this authentic cozy and brand new Pizzeria i.e. Pi Pizzeria  has come to India with its first ever outlet. A very homely ambiance with suitable wooden and pastel furnishings sure has a very calmly effect on its diners. Mr. Akhil Thakkar & Mr. Shaamil Amin who had spent many years in UK came up with this great idea of bringing gourmet pizzas with the same cozy ambiance in our very own locale i.e. Khar

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On a weekday, a bunch of us went to Pi Pizzeria and came out with a bigggg smile on our faces. Here are the details of what our experience was –


Cheese Garlic Bread – A flat bread with the most simple ingredients of Cheese and Garlic. Freshly baked. We pounced on it at the site of it. Here’s a look.


Dough Balls with Garlic Butter– One of the best doughballs in the city. These were extremely soft and fluffy doughballs and the best part of it was the Garlic butter served along with it.


Baked Mushrooms with Pesto & Mozzarella – This my friends , is one of a kind dish. Not seen anywhere. Really really heavy on calories. Its basically Pesto and Mozzarella stuffed mishrooms which are baked ( that’s a good thing ) but floating on a pool of butter. Ridiculously tasty ! My favourite dish for sure. Mushrooms cant get tastier than this !! Picture is the proof 😉

Tip – Have the dough balls with this butter. Its heaven !



Linguini Alfredo – A white sauce pasta made of Linguini ( Yet another favourite form of pastas ) Right amount of garlic, parmesan & fresh cream. A lot of places tend to make Linguini a little dry. This one  was quite satisfactory. Parsley in it was a great element.

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Quatro – Lately many places have started offering Quatro. Dominos for that matter ! Have a Quatro here and you know why this place is a gem !  One bite and it left us all foodgasming !  The Feta in it was extremely tasty.

Polo Arosto  & Chicken Bianca – were the two chicken pizzas that we had half and half.

Polo Arosto the main component being Pesto was yummy pizza. Chicken was slightly dry but we took help of the chilly oil and it was sorted.

Chicken Bianca – topped with loads of Olives was not really a favourite.



Desserts took our dining experience to another level. Almost everything was more than perfect.

Chocolate Fudge Cake – Slightly imbalanced in the consistency. Taste was good though. Not too sweet.

Choco- Lava – Molten Chocolate Pleasures 😉

Crème Brulee – We could go on and on eating this. Me and a fellow foodie almost snatched it from each other. Very very light in its texture not very eggy.


Tiramisu – Sooo smooth that the spoon was literally gliding in. Absolutelt delicious.


New York Cheese Cake – Slight traces of lemon. Great on the cheese quotient. Another must have.



  1. Authentic Wood Fired Thin Crust Pizzas

  2. Make your own pizza options

  3. Maximum Vegetarian Options , making it a vegetarian friendly outlet. Healthy vegetarian ingredients – leeks , rocket leaves , zucchini ,

  4. Cold cuts are imported from various parts of Europe

  5. All pizzas come in 12 inch

  6. All prices on menu are inclusive of taxes. So the final bill that comes is not a shocker.

  7. Wood fired pizzas


  1. Currently do not have a liquor license hence serving only sodas and non alcoholic beverages.

  2. All the desserts comprise of eggs.


Don’t just go here for the Pizzas , everything on the menu is delectable ❤

Taste – 4.8 /5

Ambiance – 4.1 /5

Service –  4.5 /5  

Value for money – 4.6/ 5

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