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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : The Good Food Café

Location : Pitampura , New Delhi

16th June 2016

There are some cafes that are so good with their food & vibes that they linger on your mind for a long time. The Good Food café is one of them.

My Delhi trip took me to TGFC (The Good Food Café ). Their motto is to provide you GOOD FOOD & not let you count calories. You see it in the ingredients they use and the overall look and feel of it.


Located in Pitampura ( North West Delhi ) opposite Fountain Chowk , TGFC is owned by Mr. Sankalp Rawal.  A writer and director by profession & somebody with the vision who created and developed this café to set new trend with health food. His sister Anika Dhir, another avid foodie who has given her inputs to help TGFC grow. They have let this part of Delhi have the best of fusion cuisine the healthy way. They both have put their hearts & souls into this tiny café from designing the menus to putting up some great Food Photographs around to welcome you.

Once you enter here you see their counter where the fresh produce is on the display & the men are at work. We actually stopped by there to check em out while they were making some sandwiches & smoothies.

The menu is super elaborate. So it’s not the case where you have limited choices when it comes to healthy food. They specialize in Salads, Pastas, Sandwiches & Pizzas but the showstoppers are their Coolers & Smoothies.


The unique thing about this Café is they have the health vitalizer pointer mentioned in front of the food items such as – Digestive , Hi Fiber , Immunity builder etc

What we ate –


  1. Salad De Pasta – This salad comprised of a good balance of Pasta & Veggies like peppers , beans, Carrots , Onions etc. Creaminess was also not over the top hence not heavy on your tummy.

  2. In salads they have some offbeat options like Slimmers Olive Salad , Italian babycorn & mushroom salad , holistic health salad and a good range of fruit salads

  3. ‘ make your own salad’ section where like a Sub , you can choose your Veggies , Protein & Dressing and have ‘YOUR SALAD YOUR WAY ‘



  1. Café special Slim & Trim sandwich – This was a nice high on fiber sandwich

  2. To add some Delhi Tadka they do have Chicken Tikka & Kadhai Paneer Sandwiches


  1. The pastas made here are wheat pastas ( not very regular in this part of Delhi I’m sure ) They have all the basic pastas in variants available from Alfredo to Arabiata & Pesto with some fresh veggies


  1. A good number of Veg & Non veg options available for Pizza lovers & some great combinations for the fitness freak like High protein pizza that has Soya nuggets.

  2. We had the Chef’s special pizza. Your regular homely pizza made super tasty. We finished it in no time.


Wok isn’t a common concept here is what I was told & seeing a beautiful MAKE YOUR OWN WOK menu made me instantly happy J

In four easy steps you make your own wok which is given in a box.

  1. You choose your base i.e rice / noodles

  2. Choose the veggies

  3. Choose the protein – Soya , Chicken , Paneer etc

  4. Choose the sauce – Black bean , Chill garlic etc

  5. Add your favorite garnishing. Mine was the fried peanuts & garlic

Apart from above they have some really cool wraps, Egg station & Grilled meals options.


I must say they do make some amazingly tasty beverages here some of the great picks are –

  1. Mint Mojito – Very light & refreshing

  2. Choco Frappe – this was a clear winner. It was not too sweet a superb blend of chocolate & coffee. We ended up having repeats of this.

  3. Banana Strawberry smoothie – I’m not a banana fan but this smoothie surely won my heart.


Like I mentioned there are many options for beverages here so to try em all you are gonna need multiple trips here.

Things I liked at @TGFC

Baked meals– this gives you a complete meal at a very steep price. This has a Omletter , Garlic Bread & a Salad priced at just 110Rs.

A simple thing Garlic Bread at TGFC has many facets. They have a good range like Chicken Salami to Mushroom tomato to Baked Chicken.

Make your own Pasta & Wok are great concepts to work with & I’m sure will be more popular soon.

Why you should go to THE GOOD FOOD CAFÉ

Pocket Friendly

Fresh produce

Healthy food


Do you need any more reasons?  Go grab a salad or two then J


Taste – 4.5 /5

Ambiance – 3.5 /5

Service – 5 /5

Value for Money – 5 /5

Feature image courtesy – Swiggy

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