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Delhi Style Street Food @DELLIE HEART

Place – Dillie Heart

Location – Evershine Nagar , Malad West, Mumbai

 26th July 2017

A newly opened tiny eatery in Malad called Dellie Heart was visited by us this week. As the name suggests, it’s got #Dilli in it and that’s what their food is all about.

Quick Summary

  1. Typical Delhi Chaat and food items ( most )

  2. Super budget. Two people can eat for 400 bucks.

  3. Veg only.

  4. Difficult to spot the location

Ambiance –  A small place with a seating for 10 people. Most people prefer takeaways.

What To Eat – Palak Patta Chat , Panipuri Platter ( ask for Suji Puri ), Aloo Tikki , Chowmein

What To Drink –  Masala Banta Lemonde


PC- Aneesh Deshmukh

Menu mentions the food Item and the location in Delhi where it comes from


So here’s what we had –

PANIPURI a.k.a. Panchranga Golgappa Shots – Priced at 59 bucks. It’s a plate full of 5 puris ( made of Suji / Rava) the authentic style. Filled with chatpata aloo and chana. Paani is for 5 kind and colours hence Panchranga.  Main element is the spice. They have Hing , Adrak , Sonth , Imli and Pudina. Pudina being the regular one. We loved Imli Paani. Sonth and Adrak were way too strong according to me and my friend. This can be tried once. Else go for their regular Pudina Paani Puri Plate with Suji Puri and that’s the best.


ALOO TIKKI a.k.a Khan Market Ki Karari Aloo Tikki –  Really very crispy. Typically delhi with its centre filled with Dal masala. Outer cover is super crisp. Hero of the dish is chutneys used. Their Meetha chutney was too good.


PALAK PATTA CHAAT a.k.a GM Market Ki Posh Palak Patta Chaat –  Very rarely one gets it in Mumbai. The only time I have had this in fancy restaurant with fusion cuisine. Batter fried Palak ( Spinach ) leaves served with chutneys, aloo , sev etc. Crunchy and very tasty.


PC- Aneesh Deshmukh

ALOO PYAAZ KE PARATHE a.k.a Parathewali Galli Ke Paranthe –  A wide range of parathas ( stuffed Indian Bread ) i.e. Aloo ,Gobhi , Pyaz and Paneer. We opted for Aloo and Pyaaz one. It tasted very good. Stuffing was just right , not making it very heavy. But biggest drawback , this wasn’t at all like Parathewali Galli ke parathe. There was no gravy, chutneys, pickled veggies along. There is a very iconic style of Parathewali Galli ke parathe.  At Dillie Heart , they are served with Curd and Pickle. Taste is good no doubt but the term Parathewali Galli Ke Paranthe must be knocked off.


CHOWMEIN a.k.a Dilli wali Desi Chowmein – Exactly how its supposed to be. Spicy , Greesy and typical Desi Chinese feels! It was yumm. I couldn’t stop eating this.

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Jalebi a.k.a. Daribe ki Desi Jalebi – These are Desi Ghee Jalebi. Tiny , button sized. We somehow didn’t find those too fresh as were a little hard to chew on.

Overall , you can definitely give this place a visit. Try the food you’ll love it.


Taste – 4 /5

Ambiance – 3 /5 ( it’s a tiny place, non AC )

Service –  4/5    

Value for money – 5 / 5

Feature Image Courtesy – Picbear

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