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Chutney for Momos

Here's a recipe for the Indianized Spicy and Tangy chutney for Momos.

Ingredients –

Dry Red Chilies – 3 -4

Tomatoes – 2-3 medium sized

Garlic – 6-7 cloves finely chopped

Ginger – One small piece finely chopped

Onion – Half if medium sized. Finely chopped

Spring Onion – 2-3 chopped

Soy Sauce – 1 tablespoon

Tomato Ketchup -1 teaspoon

Vinegar –Half teaspoon

Salt - As per taste


1. Take the dry red chilies in a glass bowl. Pour about half a cup hot water in it. In the same bowl add 2-3 roughly chopped tomatoes. Rest this for about 10-15 mins. Then microwave it for 10 mins. It will become mushy.

2. Later grind it in a fine paste.

3. In a pan, heat oil. Add ginger and garlic. Let it become golden brown.

4. Then add onion and spring onion. Saute this on a medium flame for 5 minutes.

5. Add salt and soy sauce. After 2-3 mins add the tomato and chilies mix we have made earlier.

6. In this add vinegar and tomato ketchup.

7. Let this cook on a slow flame for 5-10 mins till it's thick.

8. Serve with steaming hot momos.

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