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Andhra Style Spicy Chili Chutney

One of my colleagues used to bring this chutney with her breakfast Idli / Dosa. I used to absolutely love it. I had verbally taken the recipe from her. Here is how to make it.


Dry Red Chilies - approx 20

Garlic Cloves - approx 40 ( make sure its double the number of chilies )

Tomatoes - 4-5 roughly chopped

Oil - 7-8 Tablespoons

Mustard - 1 teaspoon

Hing / Asafoetida - as per taste

Salt - as per tastle


1. Grind Chilies and Garlic is a coarse paste. Do not add water. Keep it aside. 

2. Blend the tomatoes and make puree.

3. In a sauce-pan heat oil. Once heated, add hing and mustard. Let it splutter.

4. In this, add the chili and garlic ground mixture. Let it sweat for good 5-6 mins.

5. Then add the blended tomato puree. Let if simmer on medium to low flame for another 5-8 mins. Add salt as per taste :) 

This is how the consistency should look when finally cooked.

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