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Ab Dilli Dur Nahin

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Delhi Highway

Location : Times Square , Sakinaka , Mumbai

19th Aug 2016

I am not very proud to tell that being a foodie I wasn’t aware of this amazing restaurant. Situated in Sakinaka , Delhi Highway is that fine dining place where you would love to have a hearty meal with your family. Located on the Ground floor of Times Square building in Sakinaka , Delhi Highway is Famous for its Thali. Punjabi Thali to begin with is not found in Mumbai so this comes as a pleasant surprise. I’m a fan of Delhi food. So this was a treat for me.


A huge space that boasts Delhi Highway has a royal look to it. It seeps through the décor , ambiance , lovely seating and the beautiful music that goes very well with its theme. It begins a very pleasant experience even before you start your meal.


Ours started with the welcome drink that was Apple Mojito. I honestly wasn’t very impressed as it was too sweet and lacked mint. When I gave my feedback they immediately offered to replace it with another mocktail. I opted for a Spicy Guava. This sure was great.


Tomato Basil Shorba – Did its job to increase our appetite was light on palate.


Masala Papad came next that was served in a fancy Cone that was presented to us in a classy wooden box. It had a filling of onions and tomatoes topped with spicy mint chutney. It was a visual treat.

IMG_20160820_110229 (1)

Dilli Wale Dahi Bhalle were served in a paan ( very organic ) beautiful combination of sweet , sour , spicy ,tangy and looked super delicious. Center had cashew and other nuts which I personally didn’t like much , however others seemed quite impressed with it.


Starters –

Charcoal Mushrooms – these stuffed mushrooms were nicely charcoaled and added extra flavours

Broccoli and Pesto Kebabs – These most of us adored. They looked soo pretty. The combination of Brocolli and Pesto went hand in hand. Not too oily. Mint dip served with it was best accompaniment.


Naram Dil Kebabs – These were Paneer stuffed kebabs by its true sense Naram Dil. And they were absolutely tender.


Indo Mexican Quesadillas – Wow ! What Tandoori can do to the Quesadillas , this was the perfect example. Nice hot yumm !


Whole Wheat Fulka Tacos  – Not too great but weren’t bad either.


The famous Punjabi Thali !

This is huge ! If you’ve had starters , there is no way you can finish it by yourself.

Looks so beautiful.


Ours had Paneer Delhi Style , Tangy Pindi Chana , Palak Corn , Dal Makhani and  Methi Malai Matar for mains. Except Methi Malai Matar everything was too tasty. The accompaniment was Paneer stuffed kulcha. Trust me this sure was one of the best Kulchas we’ve tasted. Even after a while after serving it didn’t turn chewy. The Ghee Rice is a Foodgasm in a different level all together. Kachumbar served along with this is well marinated and pickled. Lassi that goes with this is bombarded with nuts. And Gulab Jamun was the dessert that came with our Thali.

IMG_20160820_102302 (1)

Jalebi Rabdi was the second dessert of the night. Crunchy Jalebi and Rabdi that made us stop talking and gorge on it.


For most of us Punjabi meal means Non Vegetarian. However a big number of Punjabis are vegetarians. Delhi Highway serves you exactly that. A Wholesome pure vegetarian Ghee loaded meal that makes you come back again and again.

Delhi Highway suits family crowd as well as the corporate meals.

Service deserves a special mention as they are very prompt and ever smiling.

If you love Thalis and Punjabi Meal – this is what you should not miss.

Go have a hearty meal with your family there and you won’t be disappointed.


Taste – 4 /5

Ambiance – 4.5 / 5

Service – 4 /5

Value for money – 4.5 /5 

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