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Um Caso Português -A Portuguese Affair

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Goa Portuguesa

Location : Lokhandwala , Andheri

15th July 2016

This is not a restaurant. Nope. This is a cozy home located in a tiny village in Goa. ( NO , not really , its right here in Mumbai ) Well , it feels like home because Team Goa Portuguesa makes all the possible efforts to make you feel homely. Goa Portuguesa as a brand does not need any introduction. They have been pretty much there and people have known it for years.

This was my first time at their Lokhandwala outlet. Its placed atop the new place SoHo Tapas Bar. Its spacious. A comfortable family seating. Pleasant lights and typical Goa music helps you unwind the moment you enter. This is not a date place. Suits families and big groups well.


The Manager was a very pleasant person who guided us to our table which was reserved specially for us bloggers. They had selected a Chef’s Special Tasting Menu for us.


Goa Portueguesa specializes in Goan , Portuguese , Malvani & Maharashtrian food. So you do not find anything other than this on their menu at all ( Which is a good thing ) Goan & Malvani food moves around with the strong flavours and various uses of Coconut. Especially grated milky white coconut and coconut milk. Its predominantly non vegetarian that comprises of Chicken, Mutton , Pork and Sea food  nonetheless vegetarians also have some surprises.

Caldo Verde was a Potato and Spinach Thick Soup that we started our Food journey with. Which was followed by Chicken Zhanzhanit. It was very spicy wholesome chicken broth with a rich coconut essence.


Chicken Zhanzhanit

Khamang Kakdi -The only Salad that was presented and trust me that was a BOSS salad ! It was a simple preparation of Cucumber & Peanut powder with grated coconut but it was unusual. Maybe the roasted peanut gave it that added advantage.

Mix Veg Cashew Croquette was one of the first starters, These were Kaju rolls of vegetable marinated in mild spices. I didn’t find it too great though it was presented beautifully.


Mix Veg Cashew Croquettes

Paneer & Mushroom Pepper Fry– I am not sure whether belongs to Goa or Maharashtrian. They said it had Chettinad spices which was strange to be in Goan restaurant. This tasted good but was also passable. Kaju Kothimbir Vadi – This ,every Maharashtrian including me is well versed with.  Its   shallow fried Gram flour cake with a generous amount of coriander( My favourite ) This particular one had cashews too. It was good.


Kaju Kothimbir Vadi

Prawn Rissois was the first authentic Portuguese dish of the evening. These were Karanjee like Prawn puffs that were cooked in cheese based white sauce. Looked pretty, tasted even better 🙂


Prawn Risois

Andhra Chicken ( Mirapakai Kodi ) was one of my favourites. The chicken was so soft and slow cooked in yumm spices. It had great taste of sauted onions , tomatoes , spices and ofcourse coconut. Mutton Pepper Fry – Could have been better cooked it was a lil chewy for my liking.

Another strikingly good thing was the chutneys and pickles they served were flavourbombs. Especially Tendli Pickle was unusual , I fell for it ❤


Andhra Chicken


Started with – Tender Coconut Cashew Nut Sukke . I have never seen anything that looked and tasted soooo good and it was unique. Aroma of turmeric and of course flavours accompanying tomatoes , spring onions and spices. It had crunchiness of nuts and softness of tender coconut.


Veg Kozhambu – Very Goan. A tamarind based gravy that had fresh veggies and coconut. Goes well with Appam. Mushroom Xacutti – Another gravy, but this was a brown one , more spices than the Kozhambu.


That’s about Main Course

Prawn and Raw Mango Curry – Another favourite from the evening. Tanginess of the Green raw mango * I can still remember it * softest prawn and coconut milk. Have it with fresh Pao or Appam. And make sure you have it when you go here. Chicken Kolhapuri Tambda Rassa – Since they claim to have Maharashtrian cuisine, this is a must. It’s a famous spicy chicken gravy of Maratha land that has onions and desiccated coconut along with some of the most pungent spices. Mutton Stew – You can call it Goan , You can call it Keralite. I like it anyway. This is mutton cooked in coconut milk and tempered with green chilies. This had undertones of Cinnamon and I guess that’s why I liked it so much. Great paired with Appam.


For Rice they had Masale Bhaat– A Maharashtra special rice cooked with vegetables & the secret recipe – Goda Masala. Kolambichi Khichadi – Delicious ! Foodgasmic ! The rice itself smelled sooo good that we were drawn towards it. It was a biryani variant which coconut and prawn that had the right amount of condiments, caramelized onions and well just everything that’s needed to satiate a soul !

We were so full by the end of the meal but we couldn’t say no to taste the Goan special delicacy- Bibinca – Who doesn’t know it ! ( Goddamn Goan ) this is made of coconut milk and egg yolk baked in multiple layers. And trust me the taste comes out more layer by layer. Puran Poli was Marathi bit of dessert served with a dollop of ‘Shuddh Ghee’




Puran Poli

We also had a few cocktails in between our courses. Malvani Jhatka was a Vodka based cocktail with Kokum juice and spices was really unique. Berry Blast was okay. Orange Mint Cooler looked and tasted refreshing.

Goa Portuguesa is a place that would never disappoint you with their food. It is one of the oldest restaurants in the city maintaining the authenticity of the cuisine they promise to offer. The service is excellent and ambiance is comfortable enough to enjoy that gorgeous meal. Go take your parents here next time you’re in Lokhandwala and you’ll bless the chefs for that trip to the lanes of Goa.


Taste – 5 /5

Ambiance – 4 / 5

Service – 5 /5

Value for money – 5 /5 

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