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Our Lunch @Sarvana Bhavan , Chennai

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Location – T Nagar , Chennai

25th Feb 2017

This one’s from my recent hurried trip to Chennai.

Due to some urgent issue, we had to cancel our trip and had to get back to Mumbai on the very same day. We were really very sad, depressed even. On our way back to the Airport , we thought we should at least make up our mood with some good food. And what came into my mind was Sarvana Bhavan.

Like any other foodie, I  Zomato’ed Sarvana Bhavan and found out the n number of outlets out of which we chose to go for T  Nagar one as it was supposed to be the oldest one.

It really took us a very long to get to this legendary eatery Sarvana Bhavan.( Thanks to Chennai traffic )

Located very close to the famous T Nagar Market and amidst the hustle bustle , this old , really old place is a bliss. They have two sections AC and Non AC sections. Both noisy and flooded with people and serving staff. Yes , they do have a lot of customers walking in and hence they have a good number of staff. We went there end of Feb and it was super hot , had to settle for AC outlet. If you happen to go there around lunch time, be ready to wait for least 20-30 mins. We did too.

After going through the menu we chose a few dishes. Here is what we ate-

Ghee Roast Dosa from the Special Dosa Corner – (Rs. 120)

This dosa was huge. Look at the picture and you’ll know what I am talking about. A very subtle roasted flavor and a good amount of ghee on the inner side of this paper thin dosa , it is served along with Sambar ( Yumm ) and Three chutneys – Tomato & Onion , Mint and Coconut respectively.


14 Idli Sambar Ghee from their Specialties – ( Rs. 70)

A rectangular tray filled with sambar and immersed in it are 14 mini idlis which are coated with Ghee. I am someone who generally doesn’t prefer Ghee but I recommend this one. Ghee in it gives a very rich flavor to the sambar and this, in itself is a mini meal.


We called for their Wholesome Meal – A special limited Meal  ( Rs. 120 ) It comprised of below

Poriyal – A Sauted Vegetable preparation.

Koottu – A Lentil preparation with veggies in it. A thick dal basically.

Kuzambu – A grave preparation.

Special Rice – ours was a tamarind rice.

This was served with wheat chapatis. We insisted we wanted dosas and we were told these are set thalis.

Along with this there was curd , Appalam ( mini fried papads ) , Dal , Rice , Raita

Our daring friend thought he could try having something non tamil food here and failed epic. He ordered a Clear Vegetable Soup and what he got was bad.


So Word To The Wise  – stick to what the restaurant is known for and you wont be disappointed.

We also called for butter milk here . Don’t ! They don’t know how to make it. Hence , We finished our meal with Filter Kapi which was A-Ma-Zing !

Pros –

  1. Pocket friendly

  2. Authentic Food

  3. Doesn’t make you feel bloated. You can actually hog a lot

Cons –

  1. Service is very slow

  2. Getting here is a task with the traffic around


Taste – 4.9 /5

Ambiance – 3 /5

Service –  2.5 /5  

Value for money – 5/5

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