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From The Alleys Of Naples @VIA NAPOLI

Updated: Dec 4, 2019


Location – Sion West , Mumbai

This literally translates to Via Naples. And trust me there is no exaggeration here for bringing in the name of Naples ( Italy ). Started by Chef Pranav Gore and trained under an Italian Chef for specializing in pizzas , Via Napoli is a delivery outlet that claims to have the Most Authentic Italian Pizzas not to forget wood fired.

We were invited by chef a couple of weeks back to sample their food, we couldn’t resist the invite. Via Napoli is located in Sion exactly behind the legendary Gurukrupa ( Samosa fame) So not very difficult to spot. A very tiny space given that they are only a delivery kitchen but has a few small tables for those who wish to eat there itself. They have some major plans of coming up with their full fledged pizza café.

Without much ado , here is what we ate.

They have some amazing Cold Pressed Juices. They are freshly made and hence are really cool. We had Pineapple And Basil Cooler & Watermelon Cooler. Most of the fellow foodies liked the latter but I couldn’t have enough of Pineapple and Basil cooler. The subtle hint of basil was yumm.


We were also served some olives with Cheese and Garlic breads.


Margherita –This is my clear favourite when it comes to pizzas as its such a classic and very few places master the art of making a real good Margherita. Via Napoli would surely top the list for my favourite Margherita pizzas in the city.


Quattro Formaggi – Four Cheese Pizza – A pizza that has four kinds of cheese. Minimal topings. Another classic.


Fiery Dragon – I CAN NOT HANDLE SPICEY. AND THIS WAS REALLY REALLY SPICY. We were warned. Mind you. We were warned. Yet we took it easy. I , for that matter uttered it isn’t that spicy after biting into the pizza. But wait , the aftertaste was exactly what name explained. Dragon. We had to down bottles of coolers to come back to normal.


Goat Cheese and Balasamic Onions – Balsamic Onions is my favourite kind coz of the sweetness it brings out. This was such a relief after the dragon! Thank goodness.


Napoli – From where the name derives. A typical Napolian pizza with loads of olives and the tomato sauce covering the base was very rich.


The best thing about all their pizzas are they are made in the wood fired ovens of the traditional style and they are prepared right in front of you. So, there is no cheating there my friends. You get to see the pizza dough being kneaded and then your pizza being baked in the over right there. Pizzas with super things & super crispy base, too good !

Chocolate Pizza was our last pizza of the day. Loads of in house chocolate sauce with added hazelnut and choco chips. Have it like a pizza or have it like a dessert.


Choco Blast Calzone – We were so full by the time this arrived but who can say no to Calzone filled with chocolate eh ! Our cameras were out click click click. And ofcourse the videos of chocolate oozing out of the Calzone. Again for those with a sweet tooth , go for it!

My pick from this place – Margherita Pizza & Goat Cheese and Balsamic Onions Pizza ! Go figure it out yourself.


Taste – 4.5 /5

Ambiance – NA ( Delivery Kitchen )

Service –  NA ( A self service outlet ) 

Value for money – 4/5 

Feature Image Courtesy – Big 7 Travel

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