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Ferry Wharf – For Your Sea Food Cravings!

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Place – Ferry Wharf

Location – ONGC Colony , Bandra East , Mumbai  

Date : 30th Jan 2018

Where do you go when you have a craving to eat good sea food and don’t want to compromise on the ambiance?

Well we’ve got an answer to that question. And that is – Ferry Wharf !


  1. Great for sea food lovers

  2. Very authentic! No fusion non-sense

What To Eat – Prawn Ghassi, Clam Sukha , Prawn Ghee Roast, Kori Roti , Neer Dosa, Tomato Kadhi.

What To Drink – Solkadhi  

Ambiance : Ample indoor and outdoor space, bright lights so that you can actually ‘SEE-FOOD’ ( I’m trying to be punny here 😉 )

This was a review invite about 2 months back and I must say if you are a sea food lover then a visit to Ferry Wharf is a must!  Located in ONGC colony lane next to Doolally, this place is owned by Mr. Prakash Rai a Media and Event professional who has now turned into a restaurateur.

Since I have turned a vegetarian, the review for this particular place is from my sister’s point of view who is an avid sea food eater.

The menu is 80% non veg and 20% veg.

Theme is very soothing blue and décor is suitable to the name. here are a few pictures.


One of the best things here is they have a tasting platter that is given to all to give an idea of what the food here is all about. Its Mangalorian. Its not Konkani its not Goan but Mangalorian ! and I believe there are not many places around that serve Managalorian Food.

Another great thing about Ferry Wharf is they have not ruined the authenticity of the food in the name of fusion food or progressive Indian food. Its simple, rustic and just the way it should be.

Coming back to the food. Tasting Platter had – Prawn Ghee Roast, Prawn Pickle , Chicken Masala , Clam Sukha , Fish Curry.


From Veg Tasting Platter – there was Chana Gravy , Tomato Curry , Bhindi In Coconut Style And Aloo Sabji.


There were quite a few appetizers that came on our table. From Fried Fish to Crab Cake and Chicken Sukha. For vegetarian I had Tikkis & Paneer etc.


Solkadhi  is an authentic drink served here. However I felt that could have been better.


For mains I had a Green Pease Gravy with Neer Dosa and my sister had Prawn Gassi.


Another highlight – we did a round of the kitchen and were surprised to find out how spic and span it was ! In spite of being a predominantly non vegetarian food kitchen there was no smell at all. It was way too clean.


The staff was very welcoming and Mr. Rai was a lovely host.


Taste – 4.1 /5

Ambiance – 4 /5

Service –  4 .5 /5  

Value for money – NA ( It was an invite )  

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