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A Place for my Soul @The Little Buddha Café, Rishikesh

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place – The Little Buddha Café  

Location – Laxman Jhula , Rishikesh  

10th October 2016

A riverside café and that river is your Mighty Ganga. A river you’ve heard so much about. Both the banks of the river have tiny shops and cafes sprawled across it. How does it sound ? Blissful isn’t it! That’s exactly how Little Buddha Café is.

The other side of the Laxman Jhula is mainly a hippie area with a lot of foreigners and that’s a good thing as that’s encouraged really beautiful cafes and eateries to grow around it. Rishikesh being a Dev Bhoomi doesn’t have alcohol and non veg. Hence maximum places have vegetarian and organic food much suiting the vibes of the city. This café is on Level 1. Seating approx. 40-50 people and offering a spectacular view of Rishikesh.

We had actually arrived here quite frustrated from another café and wanted some good food. We sure weren’t disappointed here.

When we entered it was quite full hence were offered a table near the corner however I must admit the manager was so efficient that as soon as the river facing table got empty he offered to shift us there as it would offer us better view and enhance our experience. I was really impressed with such personalization. I think such gesture matter the most.

Rishikesh being an international tourist place , the cuisine here reflects it as well. Cuisine is a mix of oriental , American , European , Mediterranean and ofcourse Indian. We lay our eyes on the menu and we couldn’t believe our eyes. The food was very very reasonable. We quickly placed an order for a Mushroom Soup a Plate of Momos ( 10 pcs) and Lemonades. Service was prompt in getting us food which was quite relieving I must say.

Momos were soft and succulent the soupy gravy given along with it was yumm and so was the peanut dip.


Mushroom Soup was so so good . It was a soup for the soul. Earthy and Warm!


Pizza – Cant recollect the name of it( my bad ) was a good thin crust one Not sure if it was wood fired but a really nice thin crust pizza with a tastiest toppings of Basil , Sauces and Mozzarella cheese.


It wasn’t just food that was good. The service- The smiling faces around were adding charm to our experience. The music was so soothing that it was just perfect for the cool breezes coming from the open gallery. We would stare out to the river or admire the minimalist décor of the cafe , the beautiful lanterns made of Hats.  We would talk and talk or just listen to the fellow diners giggle or have a heart full conversation. I can’t describe the beauty of that place in words.

After a while we also called for a Vegetarian Sizzler as by 1030ish it really started getting cold and I needed something super hot. It was a very minimalist yet tasty sizzler I and a friend finished it very quickly.


To the Queen was our desert and OMG ! It was huge. A cookie crumb and Banana based desert that was topped with loads of ice cream and chunks of nuts and…… chocolate syrup. Woah ! it was too much to finish but too good to resist.


All this food for merely 1100 odd rupees

We were there till quite late. It was Dassuehra so the streets were crowded but a word for the wise try winding your meal early if you aren’t staying Close by.

We were content by the end of the meal. We thanked the people here over and over for their lovely service & brought back memories of the beautiful café that we now know- The Little Buddha Café J


Taste – 4.5 /5

Ambiance – 5/5 ( Its way more than 5 )  

Service –  5/5 ( Again , way more than 5 )  

Value for money – 5/5 

Feature Image Courtesy – Tripsavvy

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