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‘व्’ से व्randa ( Veranda )

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Veranda

Location – Pali Hill , Bandra , Mumbai 

I have always dreamt of visiting #Europe. Sit in one of the quaint cafés, sip on some sangria and fall in love with the romantic ambiance. Veranda gives you just that  in your very own city.

Then why have I named it in such a Desi Manner , coz the Food here gives you a blend of Desi & Firangi 😉


Chef Monish Rohra’s, Veranda is a gorgeous fine dining place situated inside Executive Enclave Hotel. Opened in October 2016, Veranda created quite some vibe around it’s name and I had heard a lot about it. Monish is such a cool person with immense passion for what he has created. We shared a little chat with chef too. ( That’s my favorite part of the meal when we get to interact with the chef )

“ A Perfect Date Place’ that’s how I would surely describe Veranda.

Décor comprising of thoughtful combinations of plantlets and climbers / vines , dim lit delicate chandeliers ,  vintage paintings  , wooden seating  & beautiful floral patterns & the colour schemes make it a very classy place.


We were among the first ones to arrive which gave me enough time to roam inside and check out the beauty. Menu was served in both the conventional form as well as something new that they are going to start soon. Tablet Videos !

Videos of the dishes from the prep stage to actually platting it which gives an overall picture of what you’re gonna eat , what it has inside and how’s it gonna look. Isn’t it really cool !!

We had a lavish meal at Veranda till our soul was content. Here are the details of the food.


Jackson Palak –

An appetizer that was a beautiful blend of fried Mini Palak ( Spinach ) and Bhindi ( okra ) it was mildly spiced and was served in  mint and yoghurt dressing. The only dish that was slightly average from our entire meal. Rs. 350 only.


Himachali Siddu

‘No one can eat just one ‘

This was a mushroom preparation. Button mushrooms were very finely chopped and marinated in soy sauce which were enclosed in dough momo kind of covering. The beauty of the dish was the Zucchini and Spinach Chutney ( very thick and rich ) that was placed at the bottom of these tiny wonders. Micro Greens added in the dish not only look good but enhance the flavor. This is a highly recommended dish. Rs. 350 only.


While we were munching on the appetizer we also enjoyed our glasses of Melon Red Wine Sangrias.



Bansky Bharta – Your good old Baigan Bharta with perfect smokiness is served with Kulchas ( Really tasty ) and Kaali Dal ( Typical Delhi wala flavor ) topped with cream 😊 Priced at just 400 Rs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All stir fry – Exotic veggies wok tossed and made in a spicy black pepper gravy. The gravy had a sweet and spicy combination that totally worked. This was served with steamed rice and Thai Salad. Again , price @  400 Rs.



Now comes the best  😊 White Chocolate Tortino.

This was a foodgasmic Dessert. A dessert with three amazing components a White chocolate filled tortino . Just one cut and the white chocolate oozed from it. This was served with Aam panna gel. This gave sourness that added as a surprising factor. Third component was hand churned chocolate ice cream scoop. Priced at Rs. 300


The best thing about Veranda , none of the dishes are with extra tax and there is no service charge.

Some more great points why you should visit Veranda

Amazing Brunches

Live Music

Best Date Place

Fusion Cooking


This has to be on the top of your list if it’s a date night or any special occasion when you want to enjoy a hearty meal in a  gorgeous setting ❤

Taste – 4.7 /5

Ambiance – 5  /5 ( I wish I could give more )

Service –  3.8 /5   ( Needs some improvement )

Value for money – 5 / 5

Feature Image Source – Zomato

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